Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Out and About: Shopping, Food, Fun!

Today was an extremely hot day, so instead of staying home in a fully air conditioned house, I decided to head out for lunch and some shopping in the city. What a great idea that was.... (sarcasm intended) Despite the scorching weather, I had a great time. Here is some of what I did....

Enjoying some food in a lane way restaurant called The Quarter.

A friend of mine took me to this really cool bookshop. The walls were covered in books all about spooky stuff. I recommend you check it out if you're in Melbourne!

Ouiji anyone?

Trying stuff on at Comme des Garçons (I still can't pronounce it properly...) 

It's practically impossible for me to go shopping without visiting the make up section! I swear it's not an obsession............ 


  1. Hey Tamara! Love your blog, beautiful pictures! :)xx


  2. Hey Tamara! I totally understand the makeup part haha.. I may be a little addicted to makeup! That bookshop sounds really cool!
    Meg x